We are proud to be able to offer products that are safe, easy to incorporate and enable formulators to enhance new and existing industrial systems. In addition, we are committed to supporting our customer through their development to ensure they are able to maximise the potential benefits of adding AGM’s graphene nanoplatelet dispersions.

Coatings – Technical Application Notes (TAN)

AGM has developed significant in-house knowledge on the behaviour and performance of graphene nanoplatelet modified coating formulations. These guidance notes have been designed to provide formulation insights to assist industry formulators and end-users in achieving a technical appreciation of our technology, and as a result, to understand how best to apply Genable® dispersions in both new and existing coatings.

TAN NO.Technical Application NotesOutline
1Anti-Corrosive Primers Part 1 Overview of the Performance Benefits of Graphene Nanoplatelets in Anti-Corrosion Industrial Primers
2Anti-Corrosive Primers Part 2An introduction to the Synergistic Performance of Graphene
3Anti-Corrosive Primers Part 3Introducing Genable® 3000 – The Industry-Leading Anti-Corrosion Graphene-based Additive
4Anti-Corrosive Primers Part 4An introduction to the dual-action performance benefits of the Genable® 2400 Dispersion Range for Aluminium Coatings
5ColourAn Overview of the Colour Effect from the Addition of Genable® Dispersions
6ConductivityAn Outline of the Potential Electrical Conductivity Effects with Genable® Dispersions Addition
7Waterborne Coatings: Acrylic DTM(Direct-to-Metal)Overview of the Performance Benefits of Graphene Nanoplatelets in Water-Based Anti-Corrosion Direct-To-Metal
8Waterborne Coatings: Epoxy CoatingsAn Outline of the Performance Benefits of Graphene Nanoplatelets in Water-Based Epoxy Coatings

Technical Papers

By sharing AGM’s research with our customers, we believe help them drive their developments forward. AGM is committed to presenting our developments on a regular basis at exhibitions and conferences around the world.

ConferencePaper TitlePresentation
February 21
The Enhancement of Composite Materials with Graphene DispersionPresentation
SAMPE Graphene Summit 2020The Need For Dispersion and the Science Behind ItPresentation
Aluminium 2019Long Term Protection Performance and Activity of Graphene Based Epoxy Coating Systems for Aluminium and its AlloysPresentation
ECS 2019Towards a Novel Non-Metal Graphene Nanoplatelet Hybrid Anti-corrosive System for Tomorrow’s Protective CoatingsPresentation
NACE 2019Characterisation of a Novel Hybrid Anti-corrosive System Comprising Graphene Nanoplatelets and Non-Metal Containing Anti-corrosive PigmentsPresentation
Western Coatings Show 2019Corrosion Meeting Tomorrows Performance needs with Graphene NanoplateletsPresentation
Advanced Materials 2019Graphene in a UK Commercial Automotive PaintPresentation
SPCC Webinar 2019Graphene in Protective CoatingsPresentation